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Gear for Life - YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IS YOUR BRAND ON OURS Gear for life, Dri Gear and The Standard labelled products will help your brands make definitive statements. Our focus has been to develop retail inspired and retail quality product to showcase your brands. Styling, fabrications and detailing that will ensure your consumer is rewarded with the highest levels of perceived value.

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Men's Golf, Sports and Polo Shirts Our Men's Golf Shirts, Sport Shirts and Polo Shirts are designed with the man in mind. Cottons, blends and high performance fabrics with quality construction provide long life whether playing golf, tennis or other athletic endeavors, or just lounging around your abode. Our traditional and fitted styles of Men's Golf Shirts, Sport Shirts and Polo Shirts are from the best brands, and at our low warehouse pricing.

Many influential businesses invest in corporate apparel. Customizing quality articles of clothing can be advantageous for many reasons. The promotional polo shirt is a valued product in the wide range of corporate apparel. This classic style could be an asset to your promotional outfitting strategy.

One of the principle reasons to invest in corporate apparel, like the polo shirt, is for the sake of your employees. Your staff will appreciate being rewarded with a top quality item like the polo shirt. It is a fashionable, multipurpose article that works well in a variety of situations.

First of all, the polo shirt is a step up from the promotional tee shirt. It is more formal and features a collar, yet it can still function as casual, which makes it one of the most versatile components of the corporate apparel wardrobe. - wholesale polo shirts

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This site is found in most search engines under polo-shirts, polo shirts, polo-shirt and polo shirt